My Story

What I’ve come to realize is we are all recovering in some way or another which is why I believe my story is not unique, but in sharing it as honestly as I can I hope
to help others along the way.

At twenty-seven years old my addictive behaviours got the best of me. I was binging on alcohol and drugs and in the end it left me feeling shameful and hopeless. In addition to alcohol and drugs I have used food, cigarettes, work, relationships and pretty much what ever I could to change how I feel.

Although my recovery journey began when I got to the end of my rope with alcohol and drugs, it’s only now (many years later) that I have more of an understanding of why I was doing what I was doing.

Over the years I have sought out various healers, trainings, classes, courses, and therapists. Each of them has contributed greatly to the resources I have today to support myself as I continue along this path.

What do I believe to be effective healing modalities today? Number one is movement. I began my yoga practice in the first year of my sobriety and it has been one of my greatest teachers, it has also evolved into more of a movement practice incorporating many different styles and techniques. One of the most wonderful gifts I received from my practice was the ability to honour my body.

Through movement I have learned I am resilient, strong, intuitive, and beautiful. It has taught me to trust the process, be patient and that sometimes I have to step back to move forward.

In addition to my yoga and movement practice, the next best healer has been connection and support. I’ve had the opportunity to connect and work with some amazing people who have taught me about self-compassion, trust, communication, boundaries and most importantly given me tools to help me incorporate this into my life today.

As Dr. Gabor Mate say’s “The possibilities for renewal exists as long as life exists.” I believe recovery is possible for all and from a trauma informed approach I hope to help others find their way too.

Be Moved to Be You!


My Background and Training

I have spent the better part of the last 14 years reading and learning about alcohol and drug dependency, how to heal from compulsive eating, how to quit smoking, how to heal shame and the list goes on!

My personal journey in these realms led me to take courses, trainings and classes in an effort to help me heal from a lifetime of what I now understand to be trauma and stress.

Since 2015 I have been incorporating all of my personal learning and trainings to help others along their path. As much as each of our stories is unique, so is the recovery journey and I aim to meet my clients where they are.

The tools I use to help my clients come from a variety of sources:

  • Over the years I have taken courses in Holistic Nutrition, Homeopathy, Spiritual Psychotherapy and in the fall of 2019 I begin my schooling with the The Ontario Psychotherapy and Counselling program to become a Registered Psychotherapist.

  • I completed a 2-day workshop with Dr. Gabor Mate on Compassionate Inquiry.

  • I am a certified Reiki Master, completing all three levels with my teacher Dany Lyne.

  • I spent one year at The Kyla Fox Centre, an eating disorder recovery centre in Toronto, offering Reiki to clients as well as leading workshops on addiction, meditation as well as teaching yoga classes.

  • I have completed 126hrs to become a Professional Co-Active Coach with The Coaches Training Institute.

  • I am a Certified Mind-Body Nutrition Coach with The Psychology of Eating Institute founded by Marc David.

  • I have completed a Movement for Trauma Level 1 & 2 training with Jane Clapp which has helped me to understand the neurobiology of trauma and stress on the body.

  • I am also very proud to be on the Advisory Committee for the iRise Above Foundation, a non-profit breast cancer foundation to benefit young women’s health and wellness.

  • In 2006 I completed the Downward Dog Yoga Centre 200hr Teacher Training program. I spent close to 10 years working at Downward Dog as the General Manager and Teacher Training program advisor. In addition I attended thousands of hours of classes with some of Canada’s most influential teachers.

  • I have been teaching yoga on a regular basis since 2010 and founded Be Moved Yoga & Wellness Centre in Brantford in 2017. For 2.5 years I taught classes, hosted many guest teachers, and had the pleasure of executing two teacher training programs. I continue to teach classes at Modo Yoga in Brantford, in my signature style called “Be Moved”.