Letting go of Be Moved - The Studio

If you would like to know more as to why, here is the excerpt from the newsletter I sent out on May 25, 2019:

Change is here. 

It's taken me some time to get clear on what my next step is in terms of running classes, Be Moved, and my direction forward. It’s been two and half years of running Be Moved, in its various locations and forms. I’ve had the opportunity to lead two teacher-training programs, bring in some excellent guest teachers, and to refine my teaching skills. Above all else, I’ve had the greatest pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people!

Of course, just like anything, it has not been without its challenges. I’ve had to learn to be a better communicator, to not make assumptions, to have stronger boundaries, to stick up for myself, to be okay with letting people down and to try not to take shit personally. I’ve also received some big lessons about running my own business and the financial challenges this can bring.
As much as I love teaching, I realize I don’t want to move forward with running a studio or carrying overhead. I also want to spend less time trying to make an income using my body. 
I’ve been feeling a shift for some time now, and then this spring I was given a little bit of a push to make a decision I probably let go too long.
About a month ago I found out I have breast cancer. In some ways, I think it sounds worse than it is, at least for me, because it’s early stages and it’s small. So I’m very lucky to have found it and it was really just a coincidence that I did.
It’s been my impetus for change. I realize this is a wake-up call and one that I’m listening to. I’m going to be fine and hopefully, I won’t even have to do any of the intense treatments. But to me, it means it’s time to move on some of the things I have been fearful to do. Like letting go of Be Moved.
In the fall I’m going to school for Psychotherapy. Interestingly enough, I submitted my application for school on a Saturday, and on the Monday I found out about the breast cancer. The strange thing is I still think that all of this is still part of the flow of life. Sometimes we need to burn shit down for new life to grow.
I’m moving towards counseling and psychotherapy and I will still incorporate movement, mindfulness practices, and the essence of yoga because it’s who I am.
This is the next phase.
It’s happening quickly, partly because I just found out this week about when I go for surgery and it’s in just over two weeks. I want some time to finish up what I have to do and go in with a clear mind.

I will always teach and be an explorer of movement and the practices of yoga. Part of this shift is also about me having time to take classes for myself. I’m feeling a huge pull towards dance and luckily I have pretty much the best resource available to help me to find some fun classes to take! This too will influence how I show up as a teacher and what I bring to my clients.
So, this is not the end of things, it is just another shift. 
When I was with Dany Lyne recently she talked a lot about the earth element of water and how it is always moving, we are always moving. No matter how much we may want life to slow down, and even sometimes to stop, water is always moving and it’s a part of us. We need to keep moving with the flow of it. It’s cleansing, healing, and a huge force in change.
I am thankful for all of the relationships I have built during the time of Be moved, including the challenging ones. Each of you has helped me to grow.

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