A new outlook on addiction and recovery.

Today I have a much different understanding about why alcohol and drugs had such an impact on me. When I was young my parents used to warn me to be careful with alcohol and my drinking because they believed that alcoholism was genetic. Knowing that my whole immediate family has had challenges with substance abuse it would be very reasonable to believe it was simply genetics and unfortunately my immediate family got the bad gene.

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The transformative power of yoga

In time my body starting tuning into it’s own intelligence, I got stronger and my body began to wake up. Because really this is what this practice is about, it’s about waking up on a physical, emotional and soul level. It’s impossible to separate these aspects of our being. So to change, realign, inform and move one part of our being is to do this to all aspects of our being.

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Dear Joy, I want to assure you....

You are not your addictions or your fears. You are not your eating challenges. What you believe about your body is not who you are. 

You are not irresponsible, incapable, unlovable, tragic, bad, defective, dysfunctional, wrong, sick, or weak.

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