Dear Joy, I want to assure you....

......this phase of maturation into womanhood will shift.

You are not your addictions or your fears. You are not your eating challenges. What you believe about your body is not who you are. 

You are not irresponsible, incapable, unloveable, tragic, bad, defective, dysfunctional, wrong, sick, or weak.

As you move into the next phase of your life with more confidence and a deep knowing of who you are and what you are truly capable of you will begin to see that you are in fact strong, brave, capable, sincere, playful, loving, lovable, passionate, wise, and whole.

You'll see, all of the excruciating life experiences and circumstances will become your greatest virtue. What you have learned and how you share it will deepen your impact and strengthen your connection to this life, this earth and to the people around you.

Please, I beg you, do not give up. I can see your beauty. Your addictions, your body and your challenges with food are not who you are, they are your messenger. Listen closely....they bring to you the answers you are so desperate to find.

I feel incredibly honoured to work with and encounter so many young women in their twenties, in what can be such uncomfortable and yet necessary phase of growth. These young women are all uniquely beautiful, brilliant and if only they could see how wise they already are. They have such innocence, such warmth and ultimately a deep desire to live their life more veraciously. They are shedding their childhood and maturing into womanhood. 

In the depth of my anguish I craved to know an exact date and time of when I would be free from how I felt. Without knowing a definitive time of reprieve I didn't think I could go on living and feeling the way I did. I needed to know it was possible for me to BE good, to FEEL good. Although I didn't quite believe it was possible for me, I sought out those who could teach me a new way to live. 

Now as I move into my forties I know I AM good. I also know it possible for each one of us to fully and completely embody our uniqueness, our wholeness.

To all of you beautiful and inspiring young women, do not give up on yourself. I believe in you.