My Personal Experience with Reiki

I initially started studying this practice out of curiosity. I had been receiving treatments for many years from Dany Lyne, a Reiki and Cranial Sacral Therapist, Bone Whisperer, and intuitive. What seemed to be a somewhat subtle practice was having a profound effect on me for days and weeks after each treatment. In 2013, I decided to attend Dany’s series of Reiki Workshops, and I became enthralled with the detailed information connecting the physical and energetic body to the mental and emotional aspects of each person. The workshops also had a strong focus on meditation, as practising Reiki requires the ability to be quiet, be still, and listen.

In 2014, I became pregnant, and my pregnancy led me to make some very big changes in my life. The first few months of my pregnancy were difficult: I was experiencing a lot of fear and having a hard time connecting to my pregnancy, and I was still very stuck in some of my old addictive patterns. In the spring, at about four months pregnant, I decided to make some drastic life changes. I left the job I had been at for nearly eight years and also began doing whatever it took to move away from my nicotine and caffeine addictions. All the while, I was receiving treatments from Dany. These sessions helped to bring a whole new level of clarity to the situations being presented to me.

I immersed myself in Dany’s Reiki Workshops again, leaving my job and dealing with the withdrawal effects — I really needed to focus my energy. Plus, I knew I would be adding to the learning I had received the year prior.

I believe that the Reiki sessions I did over the last few months of my pregnancy were one of the reasons I had a relatively comfortable pregnancy and was able to labour and birth my daughter at home. Through Reiki, I was learning to be at home in my body, and I was practising meditation. Viewing birth as an intimate and spiritual experience helped me to focus on the beauty of the birth and not the fear of the pain.

Upon completing my Reiki certification, I worked at the Kyla Fox Centre, an eating disorder recovery centre with a holistic view to healing.

I loved working with the clients at the Kyla Fox Centre: young women very disconnected from their bodies as they worked hard on their recovery. I enjoyed the hour of one-on-one time I had with them to gently encourage them to come back to themselves. I would describe it as a change from thinking about their bodies to actually living in their bodies. Overall, the work I do with all of my Reiki clients is to help them come home to themselves.