Recover Your Relationship with Food & Body

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this short feedback form. Receiving your input will help me to improve this offering the next time around. Being able to help others to recover their relationship with food and body is important to me, and I also recognize that this journey is unique to each individual. I will continue to honour this diversity and deepen my understanding by listening to your feedback.


Recover Your Relationship with Food & Body Webinar Survey *
Recover Your Relationship with Food & Body Webinar Survey
From this webinar are you able to understand how stress, adversity, and trauma impact health outcomes?
Do you feel that you have a different understanding of what it means to be healthy now?
From this webinar, do you understand the concept of Health at Every Size and feel you can incorporate these concepts into your life?
Has learning about Intuitive Eating principles changed how your approach food and your relationship with your body?
Do you feel you are able to have more self compassion towards your behaviours around food and with your relationship with your body now?
Did this webinar meet your expectations *
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