What clients are saying...

For years I have had a complicated relationship with food. I reached out to Joy and after just a couple months of working with her I now see through a new set of lenses. Finally some peace and acceptance living in this space suit.
Thank you.

- C.F. (2019)

 Working with Joy has been LIFECHANGING for me! I’m so happy that we met! 

I worked with Joy for 6 months. When I approached Joy there was an immediate need / crisis in my life.  There was a family drama episode that occurred that took me back 10-15 years of challenges. It seemed everything I thought I dealt with came floating back to the surface. 

During my teen years, I struggled with addictions, abandonment issues, and hard emotions of feeling misunderstood and not knowing where I fit in this life.  These emotions came back and it was scary! Also, at this time I was engaged, planning a wedding and truly nervous about who we’d be inviting to our wedding. 

So I began searching for coaches online and stumbled upon Joy! 

I was looking for a coach to talk about my past challenges. I was looking for someone who had personal experience, who was honest, genuine, and someone that I felt connected to. During our first conversation I immediately felt so connected and knew that I wanted to start working with Joy right away.  Joy listened to me and asked questions to get me thinking about the life events and past situations and this allowed me to open up and look at the event from a new perspective.  Joy gave me tools, and provided a safe space and environment for me to be honest with myself and I build the confidence to step into my own power to make the best decisions for my health, happiness, and safety. 

  I went through a wonderful wave of healing. It was exactly what I needed and I feel SO much better from working with Joy. 


 - Erica (2019)

I have known Joy for about 10 years, first as a manager of a studio I taught at, then as a friend, and now as an Eating Psychology Coach. When I heard Joy was becoming an Eating Psychology Coach, I didn't hesitate to contact her. I have struggled for years with my body image and body shaming, and always knew there were deeper reasons than just my eating habits. The beauty of taking Joy on as a coach is that she is honest about her journey with food and body image, and she not only listened to what I said, but heard beyond the words and really captured what was happening within me. There were a lot of "a-ha" moments and even though I am still healing with how I feel about myself and food, I am aware and conscious of my decisions which has been a big step in how I feel about myself and my body. I would recommend Joy to any woman or man, as I feel we all suffer with this in some way. Thank you Joy, truly.

- Ella I. (2017)

With Joys help I have been working on my relationship with my body and food, leaving the world of competitive body building and extreme dieting behind me. Prior to working with Joy I was immersed in a culture that glorifies extreme dieting. 

Joy has helped me learn about the principles of intuitive eating. 

For me this looks like listening to my hunger and fullness cues, asking myself what am I really hungry for and trying to incorporate a variety of foods back into my life. I am learning to honor my cravings and trying to let go of the guilt that sometimes follows. 

The biggest challenge for me is giving up diet culture thinking. This comes in many forms: labeling food as good or bad, hyper focusing on calories and macronutrients (Carbs, protein, fats), weighing and measuring portions, and only allowing myself to eat “healthy” foods. 

Joy has helped me see that I often feel I need to earn food, generally fun food, food I label as unhealthy or my hunger with exercise  - lifting weights, doing cardio or burning a specific amount of calories.  

With Joy’s continued support my goal now is to enjoy food because it truly satisfies my hunger, without judgment or fear, learning to move my body just because it makes me feel good without an end goal of earning a treat.  I am letting go of the diet culture mentality and the idea of earning food through exercise. 

- B.K. (2017)

Her name says it all. Joy. I reached out to Joy after struggling for many years with body image issues and exercise bulimia, in spite of my long-term recovery in a 12-step program. I first asked Joy if she would teach me yoga one-on-one, because I was too scared to go back to a class. I had no idea that Joy would give me so much more than yoga lessons. Joy is honest, wise, knowledgeable and extremely non-judgmental. Not only did we practice yoga in the most gentle, loving way, but we also discussed body image, diet mentality, compulsive behaviours and food, which set me on a deeper journey toward finally making peace with my body. I’m still on that journey, but I am now attending regular yoga classes, feeling more comfortable and strong in my body than I have in a long time, and continuing to work on the old ideas that have kept me at war with food and my body for far too long. I would not be here without Joy.

- Joanna C. (2016)

I have been working with Joy for about 6 months and in that time she has helped me in more ways than I could have ever imagined. I was always told to look into a life coach but never thought it was for me. But at this specific time in my life I was done with hearing the text book answers to my problems. I originally reached out to Joy because of her own life experiences. She has dealt with exactly what I was going through so I was really hoping for real life answers vs something from a text book. This is exactly what I got. Not only is Joy personable and easy to talk to, she cares and she is going to tell you how it is, which is exactly what I needed. She helped me look at not only the situation right in front of me but also why was it happening to me. Joy helped me through a major life decision and because of her guidance I feel comfortable and proud and look forward to what is to come. 

- Nicky B. (2016)

I was so lucky to meet Joy back in June at a workshop she hosted at Downward Dog Yoga Centre. So much of what she said resonated with me and I knew immediately that I wanted to work with her further and figure out my eating disorder. From our first conversation, I felt so comfortable and open to sharing information I hadn’t yet shared with others. She was very easy to talk with. She is direct yet so warm and compassionate and supportive. She quickly taught me that my eating disorder was just a symptom of other things going on in my life. She helped me shine the light on many areas of my life that I was dissatisfied with.
It was uncomfortable but her tools, homework and advice helped me improve those aspects of my life. It helped me grow as a person. I learned to open up to my husband about what I was going through. Something I had not done previously and this openness strengthened our relationship by dissolving the ‘secret’ that was causing us to drift apart. 

Joy really was the answer to my prayers!

She is so much more than just my food and body image coach.  She is my life teacher!

She has been my guide into the trenches of my eating disorder and although I have a lot of work to do to recover from my eating disorder she was the support, the listening ear, the guidance I needed to walk along side me and catapult me on this journey.

Thank you for everything Joy!

- M.M. (2016)