What You Can Expect from a Typical Reiki Session

A massage table is used to facilitate the treatment, and I encourage clients to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. The client is lying down while I gently place or hover my hands over different areas of the body, guided by intuition and sensation. The objective of the session is to stimulate the self-healing process by guiding the client into a meditative state.

In order to initiate this process of guiding the focus inwards, much of the session will be in silence. In every session, the client will be provided with a safe and welcoming space to explore whatever sensations, thoughts, or emotions may rise to the surface. The client is encouraged to ask questions and express any concerns that may arise.

Since Reiki stimulates the self-healing process, clients may experience increased clarity for days and weeks following a treatment. Clients often feel a renewed emotional connection to life, a shift in patterns and/or relationships, and an overall sense of rebalancing of the body.

During a session, and sometimes up to a couple of days after a session, clients may find themselves in a cleansing process — leading to an emotional release and, often times, a physical release of detoxification. It is important to drink plenty of water after a session and to get plenty of rest.


  • 60-min Session (Mount Pleasant): $80
  • 60-min Session (Toronto): $100

All prices are subject to HST.